Engineering and Noise Control

We solve human problems with electronics, software, and acoustics.


Our mission is to be the most comprehensive, customer-centric soundscape solution provider on the planet.


All people have a low-noise existence.

Solved For You

Your Goals in Four Steps:

1. Discovery

Your project needs form from initial discovery, observation, research, and reference designs.  A scope of work is built around your requirements and goals for successful outcomes. 


2. Design and Specification

   Starting with UX diagrams, we model and simulate your environment across electronics, software, and acoustics.  We then use best practices to iterate design solutions across disciplines.  This helps your solution make the most impact.  

3. Development and Optimization

   We develop and optimize your design to specific use case requirements.  This may include rapid prototype testing and integration, active noise control/cancellation, design layouts, digital signal processing, machine learning, and new audio engineering solutions.  


4. Quality Management

   Project design, prototype fabrication, procurement, integration, and rollout done to industry standards.

   Our team has over 125 years of combined audio and acoustic engineering experience – see ‘About Us’.

CAPABILITIES - Hardware, Software, Acoustics

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Best Practices Guarantee

If you believe our services should have been more effective within your budget, we will correct any error
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