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Recently, PARSOUND projects included product development for medical devices, government contracts, noise cancellation, embedded electronics, software design and development (native and hybrid cloud), AI/machine learning, and other noise reduction algorithms. 

UniKey Open Office

   UniKey, a world-leading smart lock engineering firm, already had an award-winning office space downtown Orlando.  They wanted something more, or should we say less: noise control.  With an open office environment adjacent to I-4 construction,  in a near-historic building downtown, they could hear their coworkers and neighbors clearly.  Parsound designed a smart soundscape solution to cut the distractions and help work proceed in peace.  Besides a waterfall and door soundproofing, this project included coverage of our Patent-pending Sonoflage, it’s first heavy public beta testing.  Endel of Amazon fame ventured with us to expand the amazing background sounds. 


“By adding Parsound’s Smart Soundscape, we’re able to truly enhance our employee’s working experience.  As a company focused on emerging tech, we are very pleased to be the first in the country to be able to experience Parsound’s systems and Endel’s sounds. ”

Phil Dumas

Founder and CEO, UniKey Technologies

Smart Car with Safety Wearables

   serial entrepreneur and inventor needed a smart car automated per his patented solutions which save lives.  We created several heat-detecting wearables including a smartwatch, necklace, dog tag, strap, baby car seats to prevent dangerous heat levels from threatening these lives.  The vehicle upgrade automated ignition and other vehicle systems per signal chirps from these wearable devices.  Overheated loved ones are rescued by the car starting, blowing cool air, blaring alarms and emergency lights, and text/call loved ones and 911 for instant emergency dispatch to the vehicle coordinates.  See our first prototype video at left.  Your loved ones will be saved from dangerous temperatures in a vehicle.  Fox News documents how this project referral came from an initial contact with NASA.


   “My Smart Vehicle Lifesaver patent needed the right team of engineers to make a prototype.  UCF recommended Parsound to me based on their expertise with audio and electronics.  They were easy to work with and I was happy with the results of the project!”

Hien Dinh Ngyuen

Successful Businessman and Inventor

Achieve Pediatrics and Florida Speech

   A combination project between two healthcare facilities, Parsound designed and delivered a brand new waiting room complete with a soothing soundscape that reduced children crying and adults’ headaches.  We gave them legal streaming of tens of thousands of radio stations and made a custom sound masking audio controller which navigated folder menus of prepared sound masking tracks for extra relaxation.


“The staff is extremely knowledgeable and so helpful.”

Doni Klem, Office Manager, Achieve Pediatrics and Florida Speech

“We really appreciate you working with us”  “Yes, less noise. It takes the echo out so that is sound masking, right?  Lisa does the music and thinks it is easy.  No problems with it.”

Shelda Mattessich

General Manager, Achieve Pediatrics

CSF Technologies' Contact Center

   Parsound received an urgent sound control request, managing to design, procure, customize, and install the materials all within 6 business days.  We reduced the noise with wall absorption and desk partitions in the colors of the client’s brand logo.  We received sincere thanks from the occupants of this Medical Sales center, including:

   “Our main issue in the office was no individual workstations, just one big room that echoed every word and through the phone calls, you could hear all the other conversations. It made us seem unprofessional.”

   After you installed the insulated dividers, we were able to have our own sections to sit at, and it helped muffle out a lot of the conversations with other coworkers. We were able to hear the conversation with the customer calling for information making our work more effective and easier to get the proper information out.

Ashley Driskel

Dental Services Consultant, CSF Technologies

Nurses First Solutions



medical staffing firm needed the most of a limited office space. We were asked to reduce noise and improve the experience of their recruiters and nurses on the other end of the line. We engineered custom desk partitions and sound masking systems. We helped solve what Harvard shows to be the top four issues plaguing open offices today and amplified the top four workplace enjoyment factors.


“When Nurses First Solutions was ready to scale, Parseval was there with acoustical office layouts, custom desk partitions, and smart sound masking designs that improved our offices, enhancing our bottom line.”

Alvin Cortez

Founder, Nurses First Solutions